About Us

At Pueo Library we strive to cut the cost of college. 

We believe that textbooks are over priced. The college bookstores and the publishers charge outrageous amounts of money for textbooks because they know that the books you need are required. We hope to help by providing some or all of the books you need at no cost to you. We accept used books from previous students and give them to next semesters students. It's simple and effective. 

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Economically and Ecologically Friendly
School Supplies Too
Our Books

We are now an official 501(c)(3) non-profit! Our members volunteer to pass out and collect books, spread the word about the library, and help us take care of our expanding collection. A great way to help the community and make new friends!

We are Not limited to just Textbooks! We accept all kinds of books in good condition. What we can't keep in our library, we pass out on the beach. 

We rely mostly on Donations of Used Books from previous students. Those books get used time and again instead of sitting on shelves collecting dust. Fewer books need to be printed, and fewer books need to be purchased.


Bookstores buy and sell used books to help students save some money, but they still take a huge profit and don't do enough to provide low-cost options. When someone donates a book to us, it can save generations of students money.

Our Books

We also have School Suppies! We have notebooks, binders, pens, pencils, paper, art supplies, even printers!