How to Borrow a Book

Step 1. Do we have it?
Step 2. Request a Book. We will verify we have it and respond with directions on how to pick it up. 
Step 3. Return books at end of Semester!
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What We Do

At Pueo Library, we believe that college textbooks should be free for students. We started this library to make that a reality. We have a large collection of school books and supplies that we pass out to students at the beginning of each term. We ask that the books be returned at the end of each semester, but the school supplies are free to keep. 


We collect used textbooks from former students, which can be loaned to future students in order to save them money.  We also have necessary  supplies, such as paper, printer ink, pens, pencils, and much more. We Accept Donations Year-Round.

How We Fit Into Your Education

We may not be able to provide all of your textbooks for free just yet, but we might have one or two books you need. Check with us first to see what we have before you buy, from the bookstore or online.


Any books that you no longer need, please donate to us. Sometimes the bookstore will not buy back your books, but we can use them. Our library is growing, so check back often and we may have what your are looking for. 

How You Can Get Involved

At this time we are donation based, and need people to donate their old or used textbooks so we can lend them out to future students. We also can use school supplies or surplus items. The best way to help out is to donate to us,


100% of everything we receive will go towards helping to make college education more affordable. We also need people to spread the word. Let people know they can get free textbooks, and that we need their old ones. Also, we need volunteers to help us pass out books, spread the word, or collect.

We Also Offer School Supplies and Misc Needs

There are many other things students need besides books, and what people are willing to donate we are happy to provide. Sometimes we have books, other times we have school supplies, and who knows what else.


At the end of every semester students leave the dorms, and many leave behind all sorts of items, from tvs, small refrigerators, desklamps, toiletries, and much more. We can take these items and provide them to future students so they can furnish their dorm rooms. 


     I try not to pay for books, I get most of my books from Pueo Library, for FREE!



       Books should be free if you pay for tuition, I think Pueo Library is an excellent idea.  That will really help students.



— Kelly Aune PhD

— Eddie 

     I think this is a great idea, I'm going to donate my books to Peuo after I graduate.



— Holly

     I'm all for helping students, espcially when it comes to overpriced books.  Pueo is really going to help a lot of people.

— Spencer Reemelin PhD